Writing prompts from my teen years. Part 1.

Recently, I found this little jar, with a mistletoe print, and red ribbon. Inside: writing prompts.

Writing prompts I got possibly at camp as a teen. The fabric on the jar has turned a bit yellow.

Welp, it’s been about 20 years. Maybe I should crack it open and see:

What has been my favorite family vacation? Why?

My favorite family vacation we just took last summer to Park City. We showed our kids the mining museum there, and took them through the gift shops and arts galleries there. It’s my favorite because it was with just my partner and both of my kids, and I was mentally well enough to be present and enjoy it.

Am I a good listener? How can I improve this?

This is something I am working on. I genuinely love to talk to folks and hear their stories, but I do have a neurodivergent tendency to immediately empathize and interject that I too do x, y, or z. Being conscious of it helps me remember that folks don’t need that immediate validation, and that there may be something else they are meaning to say, that I don’t want to miss. So I need to listen.

What does my bedroom look like? Do I share a room? Am I comfortable in my room? What do I like best about my room?

My bedroom has a whole wall lined with shelves and books. I love that part the best I think. I share the room with my partner and husband. I’m very comfortable in here. Happy. We have a couch and tv under the loft bed my partner built, and a window that looks out on the Great Salt Lake, as well as a TV where I can game and watch whatever I’m in the mood for.

Write about something you are grateful for.

I am grateful for my recovery from the worst part of my life. I think without it, I wouldn’t have the presence of mind to be grateful for so many other things including my family, time spent with my kids and my husband. My ability to go outside and notice the details of the leaves, all of it. For years I couldn’t enjoy the moment. I’m grateful for the ability to do so.

What’s my best subject in school?

This jar was given to me when I was a young kid. In fact the expiration date on the lid inside (the fabric covering the top was covering a Gerber Baby lid) is January of 2001. I’m guessing I must’ve gotten this in the 90s. Maybe I was 13 or 14? Thinking back, my favorite subject around that time was probably my creative writing class in middle school. I wrote a poem my teacher got into the school newsletter. It was about a woman warrior who fights to the death and doesn’t live to see the positive benefits of her sacrifice.

Results of this exercise: I’m glad I waited until now to open it. Plan on doing some more soon.


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